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Am I a crochet designer?

I have been thinking about this for a while, and when I introduce myself at meetings and other places, what my job title is…am I a crochet designer?

I teach – Primary school Supply, but also crochet classes and workshops, at Missenden Abbey, Ally Pally, Olympia and Woman’s Weekly.

I write and design courses and workshops for crochet

I design patterns – this year for Women’s Weekly, DMC, Inside Crochet, Lets Knit and King Cole.

I write – this blog

I preach – I have been visiting different churches this year.

I have an online shop.

I am one of the two organisers of the Waltham Abbey Wool Show.

Since I had to design some business cards this week, I had to make a decision… Crochet Designer, Blogger and Teacher, kinda sums it all up,

I love the excitement of designing, I love receiving a brief and then some yarn, and turning it into something gorgeous, or starting from an idea/lovely yarn, to produce something that inspires me! I don’t mind the writing of the pattern, once I get started (procrastination is something I always work hard to defeat!) but quite like some of the technical work!

Sometimes I wonder about the designer bit, but I have been published in lots of magazines, and two yarn companies, so I can’t be that bad!  Or is this the typical British way of self depreciating what we do?  This year I have designed – A rug in chunky cotton, A blanket in aran weight merino, A rainbow granny square blanket, A motif cushion cover, a top and cardigan in 4ply cotton, A pair of rag dolls, a motif square bag. A cotton baby blanket, a tunisian crochet jacket and I am also planning an easter rabbit (I know sooooo early) a set of quirky amigurumi soft toys, a cardigan, a crochet along blanket, and some small amigurumi toys.  Phew!!

I love teaching crochet, it is always exciting to start a course, not knowing how it will proceed, whether people will pick up thing easily, or whether they will need a bit more help, I have also been told that I have a lot of patience and positivity when I’m teaching.

And the blogging part – I procrastinate faaaarrrr tooooo much, when I get down to it l love writing about what I do!  I love to share knowledge, give readers hints and tips, and share my passion.

so maybe my linked in profile sums it up better – Crochet Ambassador!

Life, crochet and Yarn

I had a really busy, but fabulous day, first to Rachels, for coffee, and crochet – we also had some delicious cinnamon buns,  I was finishing off a design project, but Rachel has done a wonderful thing for me – she blocked a shawl that I made as I didn’t have enough space to do it at home.  What’s blocking I hear you ask?  Well all will become clearer in a future post… but basically it is about the final wetting and shaping part of the creation process when what you make moves from home-made to hand-made.  This is a before picture – you can see that the stitches are sort of scrunched up, and although it is on the floor, it was not draping properly…
2015-02-11 10.28.59

This picture is a close up of the blocked stitches, you can see that they have opened up beautifully.   The picture at the top of this post shows how well it drapes now.

2015-08-15 18.32.32

So that was the Crochet part of the three things.

Life, I went to Maddies 18th party.  Maddie has just been accepted into university, and so this was a bit of a double celebration.  She didn’t want a huge party, but just to have friends, and other people that have shaped her life.  It was a wonderful if damp party with many different ages, from grandparents to youngsters.  A great time was had by all! (Don’t you just love the Giraffe Cake)

2015-08-14 17.27.50 2015-08-14 17.25.06 And later when we were playing the Game of Empire, I spotted this in Julia’s living room… A very interesting yarn holder, with needles!!2015-08-14 19.20.29

Loving Life, Crochet and Yarn…

Three things that I love, Life, Crochet and Yarn…

Not exactly loving this, but my DS is, a track day at Snetterton He loves his bike, but for Hubby and I, watching from the Pit lane as he goes past at over 100mph takes a bit of getting used to!

2015-07-27 15.52.54

Meeting up with friends to Crochet, eat cake and drink coffee…

2015-07-31 14.18.22

And Yarn – some new yarn that I will be selling – Stylecraft Special DK in a gorgeous Rainbow pack of my own selection!  I think that a rainbow range is sooooo lovely, and i am really looking forward to making up a sample – probably granny square blanket!

2015-07-31 17.47.46

Loving Life, Crochet and Yarn!


Three things that make me happy…

St Pauls Hammersmith st Pauls interiorLife – last Saturday I was at a worship conference, what’s that I hear you ask?  For those that don’t know me very well, I take my faith very seriously, no, that’s not quite right, my faith is not church on Sunday, but a daily walk, sometimes a struggle , sometimes a meander, with God.  So on Saturday I found myself at St Pauls, Hammersmith, with many other people, spending time with lots of sung worship, seminars, lots of coffee… started about 10am, and went on to 9pm.  My favourite moment was when, during one of the talks, we sung Come Holy Spirit, in Latin – Veni, Sancte Spiritus … completely different to the rest of the conference, sung very simply on two notes, but then with all of us singing on the pentatonic scale, in a beautiful church, was a truly happy, harmonious, holy moment…

Crochet Cutie from Womens Weekly  Womens Weekly Knitting and Crochet May  Womens weekly workshops

Crochet – this made me squeeee with delight when I saw it… My very first published design in Women’s weekly.  It combines fabric – a beautiful fine silk, with crochet.  I was really happy when they said that they loved it!  I have since designed another combo which they are also really pleased with – so that ‘O’ level in needlework is finally being put to use!  I also had a picture on the Workshop page, along with others that I respect hugely – Jane Crowfoot who opened the first Waltham Abbey Wool Show, Cara Ackermann with whom I have had some interesting crochet discussions with at trade shows, Natalee Warner who I met last year at Excel, and of course Freddie Patmore who organises the whole thing!  We were altogether on Friday for the first in a series of workshops, and had great fun teaching together, in the lovely headquarters of Women’s weekly near Tate Modern!

Sirdar Kasha yarn

Yarn – I have had some really lovely new yarn to play with, it is a new yarn from Sirdar – Kasha.  It is a big ball (300g) of fluff!  Mostly manmade fibres but with 10% mohair, it is interesting for it’s texture, soft, fluffy and slubby too.  I was going to make a Loren Jumper with it, but I loved it sooo much that I decided to design a companion to the Loren – The Sophia Cardigan!  Based on the Loren Jumper it’s not quite ready yet, I have made the whole thing, but it needs some tweaks, the collar needs to be longer, and I’m thinking of taking it apart to increase the length, so that I can wear it!


What makes you happy?  I have found that delighting in the little things every day, thanking God that we are so blessed, makes me very happy.