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Summer crochet – catch up

Many people give up the yarn arts over the summer, not so the (ever so slightly) obsessed of  us, and so now is the time that we start thinking about autumn and winter knits and crochet.

Personally there is no time when I don’t crochet, and I have made a lot of cotton items over the past couple of months.  I can only give hints here until they are published, but I have designed a cardigan and top in King Cole Giza cotton, a rangoli rug for DMC in Natura XL, and baby blanket for Woman’s weekly in DMC Natura Medium.giza-top-pink-eml 2016-06-21-13-14-362016-08-15-15-42-47

The ladies in our knitting and crochet groups also keep knitting and crocheting over the summer and here are some of their projects

Trish is still going strong on blankets… this made in babette type squares sewn together – cleverly using a load of 4ply she was gifted with – two strands together, gives a lovely tweedy effect on some of the squares (the photo was taken in the Angel Pub so not the best!)


Estella, has been quietly working away and has suddenly produced this gorgeous shell stitch blanket, with a really interesting colour effect…


Finally Gwen, who knitted this baby blanket, then gave it a super ribbon edge – really nice for baby!


For me there is always the opportunity for some Crochet out doors!

My Hubby and I went to see our son ride very quickly (over 170mph in places!) on his motorbike – around Snetterton Race track, you can see the pits where we were stationed!  Sunny day, smell of fuel and burning tyres, what’s not to enjoy?!


This is a very famous place – where my Hubby swam along the river with a couple of hundred others – I sat and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while.


Here he is swimming in the river – he is far left of the picture taking a breath…

2016-08-14-11-44-49And this is a picture from the position that made this place famous – have you guessed where it is yet?


Constable country – Flatford Mill is where the Hay-wain was painted!


Although I like this photo better, just something about the plants, the bench (and I love an arched window) is very inviting!


I am looking forward now to the Autumn/Winter season, with several shows, workshops to plan and deliver and  a few more patterns I am working on that I can sell myself… watch this space…

Knitting and Stitching show – workshops

I love the Ally Pally show (Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Show) and for the first time I will be running Learning Curve workshops, and a demo.

I received an email today, and it showed that over half my workshops are booked, and we still have 6 weeks to go!

If you are interested in learning some new crochet techniques this is a list of the courses2014-11-22 12.03.59

Weds 11.45 – Tapestry Crochet Bauble – a special pattern I designed using 2 colour tapestry crochet, we will be working in the round, using a chart to guide us.


Diana Bensted Broomstick Lace Crochet Scarf


Thursday 10.30 – Broomstick Lace Crochet scarf, a great technique using a knitting needle to create large loops which you then crochet off the needle, a very distinctive pattern.

2015-04-06 08.24.34-1


Saturday 3.30 -Tunisian Mug cozy – an easy stitch pattern made in Tunisian crochet, try either basket work stitch, or a honeycomb stitch (my personal favourite)

Diana Bensted Crochet Cable Cushion


Sunday 10.30 – Crochet Cable Cushion – a 2 hour workshop where we really get to grips with crochet cables using post stitches, using an original pattern.


All the one hour workshops cost just £12, with all materials and worksheets provided.  The two hour cable workshop is £20

A freebie is my demo in the Stitch by Stitch space which is all about Amigurumi!

I look forward to seeing you there, look out for a future post on how to get the most out of visiting a large knitting show.

3 quick reasons to vote

Knit cameron knitted ed Knit nickKnit nicola knit farage knit green

Off usual topic, but I feel very strongly that we should all use our vote, and here are 3 reasons:

1.  Use it or lose it…We live in a democracy, if we continue to not vote eventually, we will lose the right…

Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

2.  The only way to gain a change in anything is to stop talking/cmplaining about it to friends, family and social media, but as I saw a long time ago from Greenpeace literature:

Marco Ferraz: ´The optimism of the action is much more valuable than the pessimism of the thought´

3.  if we have a high turnout to vote, and there is a shake up of the parties, as soooo many people are undecided this time, maybe next time the politicians will be more honest… see 2. (I am an optimist by nature!

I don’t mind who you vote for, I don’t mind if you spoil your vote, lets show the politicians that we are interested in what they do.  Vote today.

PS, check out Pat Wilsons knitted politicians on twitter Click here


Fun Friday!

I looooove Friday’s!

I get to crochet with friends all day! First visit is to Love 13, a cafe in Bush Hill Park, which has lots of creative people, the cafe owner is really friendly, and they have a big table in the back which we all sit around, Rachel was sewing ends in for some crochet commissions, and then continued knitting a Tudor cap! There were ladies knitting for charity, and a topsy turvy doll.  I was working on a commission, had a lovely cup of coffee and for lunch a toastie!

       Love 13 summer

Love 13 have their own website – linky here, they run great courses, have excellent coffee and cake, and a selection of really eclectic gifts, and a some yarn including a local spun one which in London is quite unusual!

In the afternoon, the ladies that used to meet for a Chain ‘n’ Chatter in the shop, meet at a local cafe, Maximas, although they are closed for a couple of weeks so we have been in the Angel Pub instead. We are making a crochet blanket for the end of a bed, a swing jumper, a baby cardigan for ‘stock’, baby blanket for a sisters friends baby, My first Hoodie (for a bottom drawer!) a knitted jumper for a future great granddaughter, a crochet cushion, a crochet small blanket for a potential grandchild! We had lots of chatting about new driving licences, local planning issues, family – especially babies and grand children – we are ladies of a certain age!

Let me know where you like to crochet with friends, is it in a regular group? or do you find strange or unusual places to crochet?  Leave a comment below!

Watham Abbey Wool Show

Hi All,

I am sooooo excited/nervous about Sunday… We had such a terrific show last year, that I am swinging between emotions really quickly!

I am confident in the organisation, that the hotel is prepared, that all our lovely exhibitors are ready (except me – and that puts the panic back).

I am nervous about how the workshops will go – just the organisational part – we have some great teachers!

Kate and I love twitter – we have had all sorts of lovely people re-tweet about the show.

I guess my hope is that everyone who comes has a great time, from the exhibitors & attendees, volunteers & tutors

Of course if you don’t know about the show do visit our website  and find out all about it!

See you Sunday!


Knitaholics – Romford

2014-09-20 12.52.30Just come back from the Knitaholics show in Romford, previously Tina went and set up a stand for us, but since I wasn’t sure what would appeal to the mainly Machine Knitters who attend, I thought I would pop along and have a look!

2014-09-20 12.38.42They were a lovely friendly bunch of people, with a passion for what they do – which in any craft is the way to attract new peeps, I do have a knitting machine at home, which was gifted to me when I was at the Shop, and I am very tempted to have a go!

2014-09-20 12.38.06

Also met a lovely lady – Susan Burns, who makes knitted wire jewelry, including some lovely poppies, you can find her on facebook – linky here .

2014-09-20 12.16.44


I will be going next year, but not sure what I will take – probably buttons, books, knitting needles and crochet hooks!