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Summer crochet – catch up

Many people give up the yarn arts over the summer, not so the (ever so slightly) obsessed of  us, and so now is the time that we start thinking about autumn and winter knits and crochet.

Personally there is no time when I don’t crochet, and I have made a lot of cotton items over the past couple of months.  I can only give hints here until they are published, but I have designed a cardigan and top in King Cole Giza cotton, a rangoli rug for DMC in Natura XL, and baby blanket for Woman’s weekly in DMC Natura Medium.giza-top-pink-eml 2016-06-21-13-14-362016-08-15-15-42-47

The ladies in our knitting and crochet groups also keep knitting and crocheting over the summer and here are some of their projects

Trish is still going strong on blankets… this made in babette type squares sewn together – cleverly using a load of 4ply she was gifted with – two strands together, gives a lovely tweedy effect on some of the squares (the photo was taken in the Angel Pub so not the best!)


Estella, has been quietly working away and has suddenly produced this gorgeous shell stitch blanket, with a really interesting colour effect…


Finally Gwen, who knitted this baby blanket, then gave it a super ribbon edge – really nice for baby!


For me there is always the opportunity for some Crochet out doors!

My Hubby and I went to see our son ride very quickly (over 170mph in places!) on his motorbike – around Snetterton Race track, you can see the pits where we were stationed!  Sunny day, smell of fuel and burning tyres, what’s not to enjoy?!


This is a very famous place – where my Hubby swam along the river with a couple of hundred others – I sat and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while.


Here he is swimming in the river – he is far left of the picture taking a breath…

2016-08-14-11-44-49And this is a picture from the position that made this place famous – have you guessed where it is yet?


Constable country – Flatford Mill is where the Hay-wain was painted!


Although I like this photo better, just something about the plants, the bench (and I love an arched window) is very inviting!


I am looking forward now to the Autumn/Winter season, with several shows, workshops to plan and deliver and  a few more patterns I am working on that I can sell myself… watch this space…

Day out – in town!

Had a brilliant day today, with my good friend Julia, We started at Blackfriars, and walked over the bridge to the Tate, Modern, I took a few artistic photos of a sample that I have designed for Women’s weekly, so unfortunately I can’t show you pictures, it was quite a simple design, but detailed so I am very happy to have completed it.

We then went to deliver the sample – and were invited up to the office, the Blue Fin Building is lovely inside,2015-08-17 12.38.55We chatted with a couple of people who work at Women’s weekly, and then we went up to the roof garden to have a cup of coffee.  It was a gorgeous day, and the view is spectacular! 2015-08-17 12.28.25 2015-08-17 12.32.23 2015-08-17 12.35.39 2015-08-17 12.37.02-2We then decided to go to the Royal Academy – via Green Park and lunch, we went to M&S and took far too long to decide what to eat!

2015-08-17 12.53.51

Unusual coloured broccoli/cauliflower – purple, yellow and green!

2015-08-17 13.43.14

Fabulous flowers in M&S

2015-08-17 13.43.22

Soooo colourful

We got the bus to Waterloo, and the tube to Green Park, I didn’t realise that you can walk straight up from the subway into the park!  We found a lovely shady tree, ate lunch, chatted and I designed a new crochet flower block!

2015-08-17 15.17.22

We then walked along to the Burlington House which is the home of the Royal Academy of Arts.  I have been a ‘Friend of the RA for years, but don’t usually go into town that often to make best advantage of it. 2015-08-17 15.23.30

So we saw this spectacular piece of art on the entrance stairs, we wondered how it was made, as it is a stone staircase, any hoo, we walked up, then got a bit confused about which gallery to go into, and ended up going via the lift, but an alternative route as it was out of order, it meant we were accompanied all around the back parts of the academy, where the public don’t usually see.  we went through the magnificent library with really old books.

We looked around the only exhibition that was there which was Joseph Cornell – Wanderlust, an ironic title as he never travelled, it was an interesting show, but not something that appeals greatly to me – I could appreciate the skill involved in some of the pieces, and quite liked a couple of the collages, but overall it wasn’t really my ‘thing’!  The stairs piece was much more interesting to me because of all the colour!

When we come out of the exhibition, we went to go down the stairs and we couldn’t – they were removing the artwork!!  It was fascinating to see this happening, and how they were pulling and scraping off the tape, lots of people all at once, and when we came back from having a coffee in the friend’s rooms, it was completely gone.  I could say something about the transitional nature of art, but it was just really interesting!

2015-08-17 16.14.56

2015-08-17 16.17.25

Really lovely relaxing day out, a bit ‘ladies who lunch’, with a great friend, lots of chatting, coffee, and a little bit of crochet!

2015-08-17 16.34.11

Days out – Broadstairs Folk Week

Just had a lovely break from work… well not to much as I have a design sample that I am trying to complete.  but it was great to go somewhere else to do it.

I took about an hour and a half to get to Broadstairs, I have to say that the Dartford crossing is great now, no barriers at all, and there were no delays wither there or back!

Hubby drove so I could crochet in the car (its funny, I can’t read in the car without getting travel sick, but crochet is ok!)

When we arrived it was overcast – and stayed that way all day, so not very warm, we parked up and headed for a cup of coffee, walking down there are quite a few shops that have changed or gone out of business, but many are still the same, it also seemed a bit quieter  than usual, but we put that down to the weather.

2015-08-11 10.52.272015-08-11 10.53.38

After coffee we headed down to the beach, and hubby went for a swim while I crocheted…then I had the chance to go and have a look around the craft fair, I was looking for an unusual present for a friend, but found lots of things to inspire, colours, and ideas for design projects (none of which I can start yet!)

2015-08-11 17.05.22

our little space on the beach – crochet in the corner!

Lunch was fish and chips on the beach, and later we went back up to the craft tent, to finalise the purchase, but also to have a good cup of coffee and buy some fudge, below is a gallery of the things that I really loved.

I hope you enjoy the piccys, you may see some hairpin crochet in my future designs… or very big flowers!  Folk week is on until Friday – follow this linky for details, its well worth the visit.  you can see other things in my post last year!

How to get inspired

Yesterday, after voting I went to Hatfield house for the living crafts show.  It was great! I spoke to loads of people about what they do, and it is fascinating to see other people’s passions.

The show is still on over the weekend so go have a look, and be inspired!  (Living crafts website)

Images below are clickable and go to full size.


Christmas Show

Hi all,

Been a bit busy this month, with some very exciting things – that I’m not at liberty to share with you at the moment, but I will as soon as I can!

I found out about this set of 3 free shows at Excel, which is about a half hour drive away, I also went to meet some of the peeps at Woman’s Weekly, who have been lovely and welcoming.

At the entrance we are greeted by some lovely lads singing Christmas songs, and then we are into the show, there are 3 colour themed areas, White, red and purple, the three shows are Simply Christmas, Hobbycrafts, and Art materials live,


2014-11-28 15.34.08 2014-11-28 15.34.16 2014-11-28 15.36.44

I can really say that what ever craft you are into you will find something that you like, I have seen marbling, beading, card making, glass making, painting, some reeeally lovely food including truckle cheese, cookies, and an amazing bakery.

2014-11-28 15.48.20 2014-11-28 15.53.182014-11-28 15.48.36 2014-11-28 15.49.11 Copy of 2014-11-28 15.54.57 2014-11-28 16.25.54

some wonderful and inspiring colour palettes too!

After I had a good look around I decided to try a couple of free workshops, the only one I ended up having time for was a watercolour with the lovely Matthew Palmer.  He did promote his videos, and other products, but they are really good, and having looked around since, there is nothing I can see to match his texture brushes!

2014-11-28 15.17.43  2014-11-28 14.16.28

We started by taping the paper to a wooden panel, then taping a curved line across the board for the edge of the field.  Using a small amount of blue we painted the sky with a wash making the paper wet.  we then used natural light green for the ‘sunny’ part of the trees. Using the extra large texture brush made it really easy!

2014-11-28 14.33.55    2014-11-28 14.45.46

We then added the darker green also with the texture brush, then thinned out the colour to do a mid green on the trees.  the clever bit was to then use a plastic card (credit/debit/loyalty…) to scrape off paint to make the tree trunks.  We then removed the line of masking tape to work on the bottom part of the picture.

2014-11-28 14.57.17

We added some light green, then used the purple to first sweep across the page then stipple in the bluebell effect, also cleaning the brush off to add to the stippling and remove some of the paint.  Finally using a piece of card we made lines across the field and added the bushes, using a fine brush to paint the gate and fence posts.

2014-11-28 15.15.41

It was lovely to just create something quite easily (because Matthew stepped us through it) that was creative, but completely different to the crochet I have been focused on recently 🙂


Surprise Day Out – Number One

So my DS asked during the week if I was busy Saturday,  and whether I fancied a drive to Clacton…  turns out he wanted to look at a bike (motor) I ummed and ahhhed, but after a quick chat with DH, we decided to make a day of it…

We left at 9am and made good time, and it was a great day, not sure how many more we will get all together (due to DS age!) so this was a bit of a bonus, lovely and sunny albeit a bit on the windy side!

2014-08-09 13.17.48

Lunch was noodle salad on the beach, after which I had to do the two essentials when going to the seaside… have a paddle (and I do this whatever the weather!)

2014-08-09 13.50.48

and build a sandcastle, since the sea was close and sand very wet I made this sort of drippy castle – you dig a little hole, so that you get to the wet sand, and then using your hand sort of pour the sand into piles, this one is only small, but I have seen large ones that look spectacular and all sort of fairy castle like!

2014-08-09 14.14.42

The third thing I like doing is finding interesting photographs, I like to look closely at things, and see patterns, colours and other inspirations.

2014-08-09 13.54.092014-08-09 13.56.05 2014-08-09 14.02.55


After The Boys came back from their walk, we went on to my much more favourite Walton on the Naze, I used to bring children here on a school trip, and I love it… the beach huts, pier, just enough amusements, some lovely shops and cafes, and a great expanse of sand…

2014-08-09 15.35.27


and as you walk down you sometimes come across interesting bits!

2014-08-09 15.37.01

don’t you just love the way these bricks have been used on the uneven ground…with a splash of colour from the pots and plants…

2014-08-09 16.34.27


And some lovely sun and sand…

We are making the most of the odd days this year, as I have started to work from home, and have Jury Service Loooooming, DH is a teacher at Secondary School, so I think the whole 6 week holiday is going to disappear very quickly, these days out give us some space together, away from our very crowded house!