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3 things you need to know about Crochet UK vs US…

I thought that since I mentioned in the last post that there is a difference between UK and US crochet terminology, I thought that now would be a good time to explain the differences.

So why do I need to know the difference, I crochet in the UK?

The difficulty is there are a lot…and I think when I was selling books it was well over 50% of Crochet books on sale have US terminology, Crochet is really BIG over the pond…

The other main reason is that the majority of free patterns on the interweb are in American terms.  There are lots of BIG American companies that have reams of free patterns.

So the 3 things you need to know are stitch terminology, hook sizes and yarn thicknesses.

No. 1.  Stitches are the easiest!  the American terminology is usually one less than ours, some stitches are the same… If you want to know whether your pattern is UK or US the key stitches are sc or hdc – only US patterns have that, and htr is a UK pattern.  If the pattern has neither of these stitches, then you might have to look at the hooks or yarn to see which it is!

Crochet terms UK-USNo. 2.  Hook sizes, this is where I can see no rhyme or reason!  generally in modern UK patterns we use metric (mm) for hook sizes, this is an International measurement that suits most crocheters, and to be fair some American patterns have started to use mm for hooks, but mostly it is a series of letters… there are some numbers, and there are some missing! The middle column in the chart below is if you have older – vintage patterns, or some hooks that you have inherited and is useful to convert.  (As I am aiming for general crochet lovers and beginners here I have not put in the thread/steel hooks conversions)

Crochet hook conversion

No. 3.  Yarn, now the American yarn system is beginning to be used over here in the UK, but there is still much confusion.  I have taken some of this information from the Standard Yarn weight recommended by the craft Yarn Council in America, who have generated the standards.  The Uk terms are what I have found works over the years of converting yarns when customers came into our shop with an American pattern!

UK-US yarn conversion

Please click here to find printable pdfs.   US-UK hook and stitch conversion charts    US-UK yarn conversion

Hope these UK-US conversion charts etc are useful, I have collated them from around the Interweb, and by my own experience, and they have been pretty reliable – if you find them useful please comment.