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Surprise Day Out – Number One

So my DS asked during the week if I was busy Saturday, ¬†and whether I fancied a drive to Clacton… ¬†turns out he wanted to look at a bike (motor) I ummed and ahhhed, but after a quick chat with DH, we decided to make a day of it…

We left at 9am and made good time, and it was a great day, not sure how many more we will get all together (due to DS age!) so this was a bit of a bonus, lovely and sunny albeit a bit on the windy side!

2014-08-09 13.17.48

Lunch was noodle salad on the beach, after which I had to do the two essentials when going to the seaside… have a paddle (and I do this whatever the weather!)

2014-08-09 13.50.48

and build a sandcastle, since the sea was close and sand very wet I made this sort of drippy castle – you dig a little hole, so that you get to the wet sand, and then using your hand sort of pour the sand into piles, this one is only small, but I have seen large ones that look spectacular and all sort of fairy castle like!

2014-08-09 14.14.42

The third thing I like doing is finding interesting photographs, I like to look closely at things, and see patterns, colours and other inspirations.

2014-08-09 13.54.092014-08-09 13.56.05 2014-08-09 14.02.55


After The Boys came back from their walk, we went on to my much more favourite Walton on the Naze, I used to bring children here on a school trip, and I love it… the beach huts, pier, just enough amusements, some lovely shops and cafes, and a great expanse of sand…

2014-08-09 15.35.27


and as you walk down you sometimes come across interesting bits!

2014-08-09 15.37.01

don’t you just love the way these bricks have been used on the uneven ground…with a splash of colour from the pots and plants…

2014-08-09 16.34.27


And some lovely sun and sand…

We are making the most of the odd days this year, as I have started to work from home, and have Jury Service Loooooming, DH is a teacher at Secondary School, so I think the whole 6 week holiday is going to disappear very quickly, these days out give us some space together, away from our very crowded house!