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Christmas Baubles

10 Christmas Baubles Booklet

I have just finished writing a book(let), there is a sense of relief and panic, when you finally click that order now button! I have decided not to look again at my pdf, one; because I do not want to see if there are any errors and two; because there is nothing I can do now  if I do find an error!

I have been writing and editing madly over the last week and crocheting loads of Christmas baubles – The booklet will be available after Friday, and the first peeps to get a look will be at the Tapestry Crochet Christmas Bauble course on Saturday at Crates of Wool.

Christmas Bauble of a tree

Christmas Tree Bauble

This is the first time I have published a proper book – or booklet…  I typed into Google when does a booklet become a book (When it grows up – was one of the genuine answers!) hmm I think I will call it a book… it has 22 pages, 10 charted patterns, and various tutorials including how to make a magic ring, how to change colours and the invisible decrease.

I am also looking forward to the course on Saturday (10am) – there are a couple of places left,and you only need to know how to make a chain, and double crochet, it helps if you are fairly confident with holding the yarn, as you will have to hold two different colours at the same time!  All the materials will be supplied, you will need to bring a 3.5mm crochet hook, although I can lend you one if you need it!

holding yarn for christmas baubles

Holding 2 colours of yarn

There are a couple of places left, its only £18 and you get mince pies too! so contact Brigid at Crates of Wool either by email brigid@cratesofwool.co.uk or call her on 01920 463436 to confirm your place.

See you soon!



Christmas Designs

2014-09-17 13.10.03I have been really busy these past couple of weeks, designing some christmas toys, so I thought I would do a quick post with some little hints, while I am typing up and hopefully publishing really soon on Ravelry and/or Etsy.  Still struggling with the pricing concept!  I am also putting together tutorials on the techniques that I have used which will be given with the patterns.

2014-09-17 13.10.59I have created 8 toys based on the same body shape, but with variations on body parts, and colours.  The easiest to make is probably the Syd the Snowman and Ethelred the Unready Elf (though there are more colour changes on the Elf) 2014-09-17 13.08.08

I have also made Ninja Penguin (with optional hat!)  Father and Mother Christmas, Gilbert and Gertie Gingerbread and finally Felicity the Fairy.  And here they all are!  Let me know which is your favourite in the comments below!

2014-09-17 13.19.30Go to go now, get these patterns finished!