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Fun Friday!

I looooove Friday’s!

I get to crochet with friends all day! First visit is to Love 13, a cafe in Bush Hill Park, which has lots of creative people, the cafe owner is really friendly, and they have a big table in the back which we all sit around, Rachel was sewing ends in for some crochet commissions, and then continued knitting a Tudor cap! There were ladies knitting for charity, and a topsy turvy doll.  I was working on a commission, had a lovely cup of coffee and for lunch a toastie!

       Love 13 summer

Love 13 have their own website – linky here, they run great courses, have excellent coffee and cake, and a selection of really eclectic gifts, and a some yarn including a local spun one which in London is quite unusual!

In the afternoon, the ladies that used to meet for a Chain ‘n’ Chatter in the shop, meet at a local cafe, Maximas, although they are closed for a couple of weeks so we have been in the Angel Pub instead. We are making a crochet blanket for the end of a bed, a swing jumper, a baby cardigan for ‘stock’, baby blanket for a sisters friends baby, My first Hoodie (for a bottom drawer!) a knitted jumper for a future great granddaughter, a crochet cushion, a crochet small blanket for a potential grandchild! We had lots of chatting about new driving licences, local planning issues, family – especially babies and grand children – we are ladies of a certain age!

Let me know where you like to crochet with friends, is it in a regular group? or do you find strange or unusual places to crochet?  Leave a comment below!