Surprise Day Out – Number Two

2014-08-13 11.53.59 We love going to Broadstairs, DH used to go a lot as a child and when DS was younger we would camp at Manston, and drive into Broadstairs most days. It is a very traditional type of ‘English Seaside’, the bay is lovely, and when the tide is out there is the ‘swimming pool’ which is really an enormous rock pool!

2014-08-13 15.26.24 2014-08-13 15.29.11 We especially like Folk Week, as there is a real buzz about the town. You walk past various eateries, or pubs, and someone will be playing or singing, there are also many places on the promenade where you can see Morris Men and Women dancing and playing.2014-08-13 15.48.04
What is also nice is there is a wide range of ages, Folk music is not just something for the Oldies, there are a lot of younger artists around! 2014-08-13 12.37.05Towards the far end of the promenade, is the Craft tent and the Bandstand. There is a constant stream of artists playing and singing, and entertaining the children here, and the Craft tent area has an eclectic mix of stands and artists. 2014-08-13 12.31.13
I did do my two essentials, but instead of paddling I swam! (sorry no evidence of this, I couldn’t take a picture!) I also sunbathed for a little, it was great to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin – even if only for a short while (I have a tendency to burn badly so avoid the sun most of the time!) I took a little walk to the edge of the harbour, there were some other stands down here, and you would never guess, a man selling strawberries and cream with a sweet little box and knitted strawberries! 2014-08-13 15.31.07
I also saw these lovely bright windmills…I was soooo close to bringing one home with me, I just love love love the colours, and the fact they are in spectrum order!  but I settled for a photo this time… 2014-08-13 15.26.48
I’m just packing now, so I’ll be off, I’m going to visit my really good friend, Tina, who is the ‘Stevie’ to my ‘Miranda’ !  She left this year to go to Suffolk, and we are visiting, this weekend, and we are going to another Folk festival too!


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