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After pinning a few more inspirational pictures on Pinterest, this week, I wondered if everyone knows about it!

Pinterest is like having a scrap book, but online.  I have two accounts that I use for different purposes.  My named one linky here is like an inspiration page, if I see something that I like on a website, I ‘pin’ the picture, and choose which board that I put it on, like having different pages on a scrap book, but ones that can have an infinite number of pictures.

Of course Pinterest also emails me with things that I might like, and while sometimes I don’t look in much detail.  but others are fascinating and can lead to some wonderful discoveries – such as the featured image above.  Which although not something I would make, looks absolutely wonderful.  and if you follow the links to the original site has a great photo tutorial (because I don’t read Russian!)

glorious colour!

Or if you see a picture you love – I still love this a few years after I pinned it, you can go back to it time and again to be inspired.

beautifully complex

It is well worth having a look, as it can be used in as many ways as a scrapbook can – Planning a wedding, home improvements, clothing, basically anything where a picture can tell the story.

(please click images above to go to original websites)

5 thoughts on “Pinning on Pinterest

  1. Michele TravelwithMrsT

    I absolutely love Pinterest. I have only one account, but include personal stuff, travel stuff for my Travel with Mrs. T. blog, and school stuff (from my 25 years of teaching!) I just followed you! I’m at Travel with Mrs. T., and do have a DIY Crafts Board, as well as boards for crafts with buttons, corks, and needle felting. Just repinned one of your pins that jumped out at me when I clicked on your link, but will be checking back this weekend for some more ideas!

    1. Diana Post author

      Thanks Michelle, I have followed you too, looks fabulous, especially all your travel stuff. I love travelling, but haven’t done that much in recent years…


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