More Crochet Cables…

I have been looking for some more inspiration for crochet cables so I did a search on Ravelry, and found many!  those that piqued my interest and I will be doing samples for are pictured below, they are all from free Ravelry patterns, and I will be making samples over the next couple of weeks to see what the techniques are like, and how they are different.

Tree of life – not conventional cables, but I like the idea of making a picture in the cables, with some twists and turns…

Another blanket, but with a lovely chunky cable in the middle that might be 9 stitches wide!

This one you would need to purchase, but I love that although wide, it is a delicate twist of thread!

I love a sampler blanket, there is something about doing lots of different squares, and bringing them together into a coherent whole..

And finally, these three amazing cable patterns which were inspired by the Book of Kells (an Irish medieval writing of the Gospels – which is illustrated with much celtic illumination)


Got to go and crochet now, loving cables!  Do you like crochet cables too?

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