Missenden Abbey Learn to Crochet

I have just arrived at Missenden Abbey, and while I had another post ready to go for today, I just had to write about this!

When I got here and went to the Reception desk, they needed to find my room, so asked if I wanted to go to the Garden Room and have a coffee, which I did, the room is lovely, and opened onto the garden and there was home made biscuits which were delicious!

2015-08-04 17.46.56

Sitting here there is a 400 year old cedar tree to the left, absolutely beautiful.

Once I was settled in my lovely room in the Coach House, which is spacious, has a desk, a lovely view over the pond, with a fountain, and is ensuite, I went to set up my room for the course, I will be teaching in the Dahl room.

I then went to dinner – walking between the Abbey and the Coach House is this lovely view of the house…

2015-08-04 18.54.50

and some lovely flowers, all the brilliant colours just inspirational!

2015-08-04 18.55.32

Dinner was three courses, I met another Tutor who is teaching watercolours – she has been teaching here for years, and keeps coming back! ┬áby coincidence I also met one of my students which was great to get to know her.

Overall I think this is going to be a brilliant few days, I am looking forward to teaching in this beautiful setting, and getting to know lots of new people!

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