Missenden Abbey – Highlights

Highlights of my first Learn to Crochet course running at Missenden Abbey.

First impressions were very good,

absolutely stunning setting,2015-08-06 17.17.28

beautiful buildings,

friendly and really helpful staff. 2015-08-06 15.44.15

great food!

Lovely ladies2015-08-05 16.37.41

Who worked really hard

with some wonderful results

2015-08-05 16.37.17 2015-08-06 13.33.20 2015-08-07 12.44.05 2015-08-07 12.44.41 2015-08-06 15.39.03 2015-08-05 16.36.57

Thanks to everyone who attended the course, all the red shirts, and Will, Alison, Alison and Trish for the warm welcome and wonderful opportunity.  I look forward to the weekend courses later in the year, another Learn to Crochet, and Design and make Amigurumi

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