Missenden Abbey – Day 3

Day Three started with some beautiful sunshine and everybody’s mood was really positive, we sat down and started crocheting our 3D flowers, by break time the flowers were coming along really well, and by lunch everyone had linked them to the background square too.

2015-08-07 12.43.51 2015-08-07 12.44.05 2015-08-07 12.44.24Don’t they look great!  I felt really proud as my ladies were reading the pattern and working well, just needing prompts when attempting the trickier parts of the pattern, and reminders that everything is in the pattern, we just need to read it REALLY carefully.

In the afternoon, everyone decided to continue and complete their squares, but will be keeping in touch, and I am really looking forward to seeing what they do as their first crochet project.



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