Learn how to Crochet – Granny Square – Round 2

Ding!  Ding!   So by now you may have a little pile of Round 1’s of your Granny Square and wondering what you will learn how to crochet next?

We are going to change colour.  There are lots of different ways of doing this, the most secure of which is as follows:

  • Make a slip knot, make the loop a bit bigger than your hook, then take it off the hook.
  • insert your hook in a corner space, from the front to the back, put the slip knot back on your hook, and pull the loop through to the right side, trying to keep the knot part at the back of the square.
  • Using the loop as your working loop, make 3 chains.  the first one secures the yarn in place.

first 3ch, Right handed

LH Granny pics 05

First 3ch, Left handed

After joining the second colour of yarn in one of the chain 2 spaces

(these are all corners, at this point). I like to join mine before the yarn end I just left so that I can crochet over the ends as I go, but there’s no “right” corner to join to—after all, you have a symmetrical shape, no matter which way you rotate it)

  • make 2 trebles, then 2 chains, and make 3 trebles. You’ve just made a corner!

    3ch, 2tr to start – right handed

    LH Granny pics 07

    3ch, 2tr to start – left handed

  • Next, ch1, and skip the cluster in the previous round.
  • *In the next corner space, (3 trebles, 2 chains, 3 trebles). 1 chain, skip the previous round’s cluster. Repeat from * twice more and join to the top of the first actual treble stitch you made with a slip stitch – in the video this is really clear (about 5.10).
  • make a chain and fasten off.
  • Congratulations you have made round 2!

DSCF4837   LH Granny pics 8

This would be written in pattern form

Round 2:  attach new colour, ch3, 2tr, 2ch, 2tr in chsp, *1 ch, 3tr, 2ch, 3tr, in next chsp, repeat from * twice more, slst to join, fasten off.

If you have started to make some squares using these posts, I would love to see them, post comments below!


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