Knitting and Crochet with Woman’s Weekly cover!!!!!

I am soooooo excited, when I received a copy in the post of the July copy of Knitting and Crochet with Women’s Weekly, and I am on the cover……….well not me personally but my design – it’s a remake of a Vintage crochet pattern, and really is quite easy!  I literally squealed when I saw it!

This is a link to the Women’s weekly page with the details for downloading too.  The magazine is in most retailers now, so go grab a copy and see what you think!

Flight of Fancy04

Close up of the stitch pattern lovely clusters

It is an interesting challenge to re-design a vintage crochet pattern.  I have used the stitch pattern given, which is quick to work as you make the clusters into spaces, but the gauge and stretch of the fabric created were completely different to the original which was in 2ply and much, much finer.  Although in 4ply this pattern does not take very long to make, as the bottom half is created in one piece, and then the first front, back and second front. Sew up the shoulders and all that is left after that is the borders around the arms, and the long border around the bottom, fronts, and neckline which is worked continuously around.

Flight of Fancy05

Close up of neckline border

I would really love to know what you think about this pattern.  Please leave comments below or on my Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Knitting and Crochet with Woman’s Weekly cover!!!!!

    1. Diana Post author

      Hi Jane,
      I just popped over to your blog, Are you doing Sarah Arrows 30 day business blogging challenge? as you can see I managed to day 25, but thinking of re-starting now!
      The Waistcoat is very easy, I design so that there is a minimum of sewing up! Basically one piece to arm holes, then right front, back and left front, sew (or crochet) the shoulder seams then add the borders. The main cluster stitch is very rhythmical once started.
      I hope you have a go! Let me know if you do and post a picture!
      All the best


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