I knit – Fandango

Went to a lovely show on Friday,  the I knit Fandango, met up with Rachel, and had a lovely day chatting to stall holders about everything from Yarn to Instagram!  Which I really don’t seem to be able to get my head around at the moment!

I was to be Rachel’s restrainer (the opposite of enabler) she has lots of lovely yarn at home, is designing for people and wants to use up some stash to make space for more yarn!  so patterns=good – accessories=ok, more yarn=bad!  she also was shopping for a friends birthday, so that was allowed too.

I did take lots of pictures of inspirational colours, and interesting accessories that are popping up now, which are in the gallery below.

When looking back on my pictures I did notice a trend.  For several past years, colours have been quite natural, vintage type look, lots of pastels, but after seeing Easyknits last year with their amazingly vivid colours, I thought wow, how different… at Fandango there was definitely a trend towards stronger/deeper colours.  looking through the gallery I would like to know what you think?  Which do you prefer?  Please write a comment below.


2 thoughts on “I knit – Fandango

  1. Trish

    Some really awesome pictures 🙂 The colors I choose depend on what I’m making. If I’m knitting for my daughter it’s usually very bright and happy, when I’m knitting for my son it’s more subdued. It also depends on what I’m knitting. Socks usually get crazier colors than hats and gloves for instance. Love the pictures 🙂

    1. Diana Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Colour is soooo subjective, but I agree boys/men usually prefer a more subdued palette of colours, with the possible exception of socks! I love colour, but in many forms, when I had my wool shop, I loved all the brights, and my friend who worked with me loved the neutrals, so together we managed to get a good range of colours!


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