Granny square blankets…

It seems that everywhere you look at the moment people are crocheting and designing blankets, and I am no exception!

So what do you think of when I say Crochet blanket – something like this?  The Multicoloured granny square blanket with a black edging was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s, and remains the image many people have when thinking about this type of blanket.

photo from hellobinturong website, custom made items, click photo for link

Don’t get me wrong, I like granny square blankets very much, I love the rhythm of the crochet, and when I have been making something complicated I love going back to these squares – I just wish they could be called something else!

The next type of granny square blanket had a white border, and sometimes the centre of the squares was changed to make a circle/flower within a square,

picture from Joanne L. Craft Passion – click on image to free pattern and tutorial!

Without a border, or with colourful borders – or random!

picture from beautiful crochet stuff

picture by adaiha on CraftStylish click image for website

Of course the other option is to make one great big granny square, I managed this quite successfully but I did have help – I used Noro Taiyo yarn, which is a gorgeous aran/chunky variegated yarn, so no colour changes, it was probably the quickest blanket I’ve made,

2015-08-02 16.02.32

My Noro Granny blanket, click to see the project in Ravelry

The other reason I love Granny squares, is the variety of colours and designs – just google images of granny square and see what you find – an explosion of colour combinations and styles.

So on the plus side they are great to cut your crochet teeth on; a repetitive pattern which turns meditative, when you are starting out they are great to practice with, to get your tension right, to be able to see if and where you are going wrong, and there are infinite variations.  On the negative side – I do get fed up with people ‘re-inventing’ the granny square – it is what it is, a brilliant versatile pattern!

3 thoughts on “Granny square blankets…

  1. Arianna Helm

    I started crocheting when I was about 9 I think. I made quite a few “granny square” blankets. :-). Last autumn I made myself a lap blanket for when I’m in my wheelchair and I used triple crochet. It was so hypnotic when I got back into knowing how to crochet again and I found it quite relaxing.


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