Days out – Broadstairs Folk Week

Just had a lovely break from work… well not to much as I have a design sample that I am trying to complete.  but it was great to go somewhere else to do it.

I took about an hour and a half to get to Broadstairs, I have to say that the Dartford crossing is great now, no barriers at all, and there were no delays wither there or back!

Hubby drove so I could crochet in the car (its funny, I can’t read in the car without getting travel sick, but crochet is ok!)

When we arrived it was overcast – and stayed that way all day, so not very warm, we parked up and headed for a cup of coffee, walking down there are quite a few shops that have changed or gone out of business, but many are still the same, it also seemed a bit quieter  than usual, but we put that down to the weather.

2015-08-11 10.52.272015-08-11 10.53.38

After coffee we headed down to the beach, and hubby went for a swim while I crocheted…then I had the chance to go and have a look around the craft fair, I was looking for an unusual present for a friend, but found lots of things to inspire, colours, and ideas for design projects (none of which I can start yet!)

2015-08-11 17.05.22

our little space on the beach – crochet in the corner!

Lunch was fish and chips on the beach, and later we went back up to the craft tent, to finalise the purchase, but also to have a good cup of coffee and buy some fudge, below is a gallery of the things that I really loved.

I hope you enjoy the piccys, you may see some hairpin crochet in my future designs… or very big flowers!  Folk week is on until Friday – follow this linky for details, its well worth the visit.  you can see other things in my post last year!

3 thoughts on “Days out – Broadstairs Folk Week

  1. Michele TravelwithMrsT

    What a fun day! Another reason for me to learn to crochet–I can work on something in the car! (I have trouble reading as well!) I love the felt dolls! Will be keeping a watch for hairpin crochet. Sounds fun!


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