Crochet Colour combinations

So after being really quite obsessive,  I have one mini crochet square for every colour of DMC Woolly, labelled and the ends sewn in!  The next part of the the design process, and the really fun part – deciding on colour combinations.

I have made similar types of blankets with both 15 and 12 colours.  so looking for combinations with that many different colours.

I started by making a colour circle with the closest colours to the following red/blue/yellow first – primary colours, then orange, green and purple – secondary colours being made from the primary colours, then tertiary colours, red/orange, yellow/orange, red/purple, blue/purple, and yellow/green, blue/green.colour wheel 1I love, love, love these bright colours, for a start!  I then put all the colours out within the colour wheel, don’t they look gorgeous!  a great range of colours…all as spectrumthen put the bright colours together…bright comboand make sure that I know which colours are which – bearing in mind that photos are notoriously inaccurate!  bright with tagsI then tried a vintage look…vintage comboand some pastels…pastel comboAlso labelled!

vintage with tags pastel with tagsBut… I haven’t finished playing yet!  I want to do a lot more colour combinations before making the final decisions, including neutrals and some other colour combos like strong pastels, and complimentary colours – that is from opposite sides of the colour wheel, reds/pinks and greens or blues/oranges… watch this space!

And as for putting the colours away… the spectrum thing is a wee bit of a compulsion!all coloursWhat about your colour combinations – anything you like? Let me know about it below.

2 thoughts on “Crochet Colour combinations

  1. Jane

    You are so right about colour! I used ‘granny squares’ to crochet a cover for my bed. I use double knit in any and every shade of pruple that I could find. Using 3 colours in each square I could make 6 different squares. After working 99 squares I placed them on the bed, ready to be stitched – arranging the squares with darkest on the outside.

    1. Diana Post author

      Thank you for your comment, our Crochet group made a purple blanket for one of our friends, with just 4 colours! see the post here When you are able to get lots of different shades of the same colour it is great, sometimes adding a complimentary colour can make the original ‘pop’, so a yellow shade with purple…!


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