Missenden Abbey – Crochet for all course

So I have had a bit of a blogging break, but I have been very busy this year so far planning courses and workshops, designing for a range of magazines, and yarn companies!  I have also been doing some supply teaching at a lovely school in Enfield. I hope to be around quite a bit […]

Missenden Abbey – the return!

Tuesday was a new experience; I was an Artist in Residence at Missenden Abbey.  It was lovely to go back with a different thing to do, I set up a little stand with some of my work, and had a few bits and pieces to sell, and two courses to promote.  Then I sat alongside and […]

Missenden Abbey – Highlights

Highlights of my first Learn to Crochet course running at Missenden Abbey. First impressions were very good, absolutely stunning setting, beautiful buildings, friendly and really helpful staff.  great food! Lovely ladies Who worked really hard with some wonderful results Thanks to everyone who attended the course, all the red shirts, and Will, Alison, Alison and Trish […]

Missenden Abbey – Day 3

Day Three started with some beautiful sunshine and everybody’s mood was really positive, we sat down and started crocheting our 3D flowers, by break time the flowers were coming along really well, and by lunch everyone had linked them to the background square too. Don’t they look great!  I felt really proud as my ladies […]

Missenden Abbey Day 3 – Fab Photos

Today the Sunshine was out and after packing up, having coffee in the garden I thought that you might like to see all of Missenden Abbey, such a beautiful place, EnJoy!    Gorgeous colours and morning coffee…     An unusual tree – anyone knows what it is, please let me know… A 400 year […]

Missenden Abbey – Day 2

A second brilliant crochet day, we  packed in soooo much it is difficult to remember what we did this morning.! We started with joining a couple of granny squares that the ladies had made yesterday, using a slipstitch join, we did it so that there was a decorative ridge on the front of the square […]

Missenden Abbey – Day 1

Phew, that was a long day!  I met my lovely ladies at 9.30 this morning, we started by doing a bunch of paperwork, then on to the real business of the day… learning to hold the hook and yarn (which they could all do quite happily!) and making a chain, then on to a sample, […]

Learn to Crochet – Missenden Abbey

The picture above looks lovely doesn’t it!  I am really looking forward to tutoring here in the summer!  If you would like to Learn to crochet and have struggled in the past, the one way to do it really successfully is with a teacher helping you out.  You could be an Absolute Beginner, or you […]


The Crochet Chain will be exhibiting at several events, and Diana will be running courses/workshops at different venues this year, come along and chat about all things crochet!  I will be very pleased to see you.  There will be more added as the year goes on! 2017 August 7-9th – Next steps in Crochet, Colour, […]