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C2C workshop

Crochet Workshops at Olympia Knitting and Stitching Show – Broomstick and C2C

I had a wonderful time at Olympia, I gave 2 workshops at the Knitting and Stitching show, Broomstick Crochet and Corner to Corner or C2C crochet.

Broomstick crochet

The Broomstick Crochet is an old favourite – you use a large knitting needle, along with some 4ply yarn.  I think I have done it 5 times now, but there are always different questions, and of course different people doing it.  Sometimes I feel apprehensive just before we get started, but as I get into my stride I realise why I do it.  I just love watching other people learn something!

New one for me was the Corner to Corner Motif.  While it is not a difficult thing to do, there are a few tricksy bits.  Understanding that you work diagonally, how to mark off the pattern, using different colours in a graph – all make for interesting learning.

All the ladies did well, bearing in mind that you have to learn in 1 hour!  some just learned the technique for C2C, using one colour and others managed the whole square including a border!

The previous night, I made a video to show how to crochet the whole motif.  The complete video is just over half an hour, but does show increases, decreases, colour changes and following a chart.  I would love to hear whether this video helps, I have talked through the video, where my other ones are silent with subtitles.  Unfortunately I have had to divide into two videos, with limits on Youtube!

Here they are,,,Enjoy!