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Age UK Warm Homes Crocheted House

Hi All,

I have been a bit busy since the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally, and it was with something I wanted to do before I penned a review.

Since Mum died I have been supporting charities that help the Older Peeps, particularly
Age UK. Our Chain ‘n’ Chatter and Stitch Night groups have made a lot of blankets, scarves, hats and gloves, which I will be posting about later when I have some piccys!

2014-10-12 12.54.41

Anyhoo, I met up with a lovely lady called Alice, on the Age UK stand on Friday, they were promoting their Warm Homes campaign, and were giving out a free house pattern by and asking for Knitted houses to be made, this is a linky to their blog post about it.  The knitted pattern is by Julia Marsh, her website is

Sooo in my haste I asked if they would like a crocheted house pattern, well Alice was really pleased and when I saw her on Sunday she said she had been asked quite a lot about a crocheted pattern!

I started on the Sunday with the base (although after checking with the knitted ones I realised it should be a bit smaller, so I undid what is in the piccy below!)  after thinking about the construction on Friday and Saturday.  I would have prefered to work in rounds, but thought that might be a bit tricky, once you get to the roof!

2014-10-12 15.14.46

So it is worked in a strip, Front, base and back, then the roof attached first to the back then the front, sides are added, door and windows made, and sewn on, sides sewn up, stuffed, thenroof crocheted together, and finally the chimneys are crocheted on.

And Here Tiz…

2014-10-16 16.08.15

The pattern is available as a free download both on my website, and Ravelry, I will post to Facebook and twitter if I can make it available on Etsy.

Enjoy making your house and I look forward to seeing lots with embellishments on – I quite fancy roses round the door!

Christmas Patterns :)

Woo Hoo!!!!  I have managed to publish all the patterns (only taken me a week of very late nights/early mornings) I have put all the links at the bottom of this page, They are available on my own website, Ravelry and Etsy.  All of which have had their challenges to upload.  I have also added the photo tutorials to all variations.

They are all designed with the beginner in mind, I have tried to make the patterns as easy as possible (including telling myself off if I think of a difficult variation!) I am sure you peeps out in crochet land will think of other variations too.

2014-09-17 13.15.52


So here they are: Ninja Penguin, Felicity Fairy, Ethelred the Elf, and Syd the Snowman, Ethelred is the easiest, so he is available as a pattern on his own, the trickiest bits are his stripes, but they are not really that difficult.  The others are part of the 8 pattern set.  Syd is probably the next easiest as he has bobble buttons, Ninja Penguins tricksiest bit is his wings, simply because they are fiddly to start off (3dc into a magic ring, and only increasing one stitch each round)  Felicity is the most difficult, but mostly because she has a skirt and the eyelash yarn (King Cole Tinsel).2014-09-17 13.14.30

Next we have 2 pairs of patterns, Mother and Father Christmas, and Gilbert and Gertie Gingerbread.  Gilbert and Gertie are easier than Mother and Father Christmas simply because of using the eyelash yarn (Stylecraft Eskimo) when you are crocheting with this you have to feel for the stitches, and reeealy concentrate on counting.

So there we go, I’m off to have a little nap, and here are the links I promised, just click on your preferred site – I would really appreciate comments below, let me know what you think, or if you have the patterns, I can support from here or on Ravelry.

The Crochet Chain website

Ravelry – Diana Bensted 

The Crochet Chain Etsy shop